Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Decorating Plastic Torso Forms with Mosaic Tiles and Feathers

Who ever said stones and glass pieces are only made for the floor or walls? Perhaps it can be used to tell a story in a gorgeous way on the beautiful shape of a female form.

We like to think of this one as, fluff your feathers as you please. The color scheme and use of materials just draws us in, to look for hours on end of every detail planted on.

We carry these plastic mannequin forms in both men's, women's, children, and toddler sizes, starting at $1.99/ea. They all come with a swivel hook for hanging. Most people use these plastic forms to photograph clothes for eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, or for an affordable method to display apparel in stores. But we find these forms can really deliver in all ways of use and interpret all sorts of values and thoughts. How do you use your plastic form - for the inner artist or the amazing entrepreneur? 

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